Olive oil prices to rise as heatwave hits production

The price of olive oil painting is set to rise as heatwaves hit product in Spain, a leading exporter has advised.

Acesur, which supplies the UK’s biggest supermarkets, told the BBC this would feed through into prices in shops in the coming three to four months when companies renew their contracts.
The company’s import director, Miguel Colmenero, said guests could see prices rise by 20- 25.

Spain produces nearly half of the world’s olive oil painting.
But the country, along with other corridor of Western Europe which produce olive oil painting, including Italy and Portugal, has been passing extreme temperatures and a lack of rain in recent weeks.

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Acesur is involved in the product of further than,000 tonnes of olive oil painting a time, out of the roughly1.4 million tonnes produced in Spain annually, and sells its products in further than 100 countries.

It sells around,000 tonnes a time in the UK and packs own- marker brands for Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons and Asda. The supermarkets also pasture its La Espanola brand, which is the third biggest in the UK.
Utmost of the olives in its products are grown in Andalucia, southern Spain, which has had veritably little downfall in recent weeks.

Mr Colmenero said the impact of the heatwave on product was” drastic”.
Last Time, Spain produced around1.4 million tonnes of olive oil painting but he said officers were now vaticinating as little as one million tonnes for this season.

He added that the dry rainfall could also impact coming season’s crop, if olive trees couldn’t grow new branches due to lack of water.
This is having an impact on global prices. In July the Mintec standard price for redundant abecedarian olive oil painting rose to its loftiest position so far this time, over by7.3 on the former month and14.2 on the former time, according to the request exploration group.

Mr Colmenero said this would ultimately feed through into prices for guests, although there would be a three to four month pause because numerous companies would formerly have inked 12- month contracts with retailers.
Still, he added companies would ultimately have to raise their prices when they renewed contracts and guests could see increases of 20- 25.

The BBC communicated the UK’s other biggest olive oil painting brands, including Filippo Berio and Napolina, but didn’t get a response.
The average price of own- marker olive oil painting in the four biggest UK supermarket chains was over50.2 on last time at the morning of August, according to retail exploration establishment Assosia. From June to July, average prices increased28.5.

still, Roxanne Nikoro, a request critic for Mintec, If the dry rainfall continues.

still, she added that if the grain corridor agreed from Ukraine led to further inventories of sunflower oil painting coming out of the country, this” could bring some relief”.

Mr Colmenero said dislocation to the force of sunflower oil painting from Ukraine was also contributing to” dramatic” price increases, as people turned to olive oil painting as an volition, adding demand.

Ukraine was preliminarily the world’s top exporter of sunflower oil painting.

Other corridor of Western Europe which produce olive oil painting have also educated record high temperatures and Mr Colmenero said this would reduce product in other countries too.

In July, Italy declared a state of exigency in five northern regions girding the Po River, as it endured the worst failure in 70 times.

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