Hands-on review: Zhiyun Weebill 3 professional DSLR camera gimbal

Like the changing of the seasons, you can nearly set your timetable by Zhiyun’s gimbal updates. We preliminarily reviewed the first two duplications of the Chinese establishment’s Weebill gimbal range. It’s been one a time, every time, like clockwork.

Sure enough, summer 2022 has arrived and then’s the Weebill 3, right on time. What’s new with you, Weebill gentleman?
Let’s get this out of the way first the price is a little advanced than Weebill 2, although actually not by important- and the extras( especially with the Combo tackle) help assuage and neutralize that increase in cost. We ’re only talking£ 20- 30 more this time around for either interpretation. That’s show. It’s clearly nothing like the hike in our energy bills, that’s for sure.

As for the gimbal itself, the caption features this time around are the new ‘ Sling2.0 ’ system and wrist rest for more comfortable handling from any angle, especially over long filming sessions; a erected- in malleable light; a erected- in cardioid microphone with noise cancellation; a new Quick Release plate system, and a more important battery.
It should incontinently be refocused out the Standard tackle doesn’t include the sling handle, extendable sling grip, wrist rest, nor the freehandedly proportioned duffle- style pack. So, quite a many of the caption features,then.However, the Combo Kit is your only option, If any of these features interests you.

For the purposes of this review, we’re reviewing the Combo Kit, as supplied to us by Zhiyun. This is obviously the more precious of the two options- and therefore naturally the choice that Zhiyun would be happiest with you making but it presumably does offer the better return in terms of overall experience, options and inflexibility, especially if this is your first pro gimbal or you ’re upgrading from an aged gimbal that’s showing its age. There’s an£ 80 difference between the two accoutrements , for what it’s worth. We ’ll leave that study with you for your consideration.

Comparing the former two Weebill gimbals to Weebill 3, we ’re struck by how a set- up that sounded impeccably respectable as lately as a many months agone
can have its limitations or( mild) frustrations, similar as they may be, made clearer by its reworked successor( s). Not that any new product inescapably renders all forerunnersredundant.However, whatever its stretch, that’s great, If you formerly have a gimbal that’s ticking the boxes for you. What tends to be between duplications is more overall refinement than seismic change,anyway.However, Y and/ or Z were better lighter stronger included, a new gimbal might just turn your head, If you ’ve ever set up yourself wishing thatX.

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